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What is promoterGO?

We are the world’s first online event promotion application connecting graphic designers to promoters. You are either an event promoter who needs flyers or web ads, or a graphic designer who wants to show the world your creative talent. That is why you’re here. At promoterGO, we will make sure your event design will be exactly what the party needs.

How do I get started?

In life, many things take time, effort, and a whole lot of hard work. Luckily for you, getting a promoterGO account is NOT one of them. Simply hit the “Signup” link on the front page, tell us whether you are a promoter or designer, and give us a few small details. Bada-bing, bada-boom…you’re all set to go! Update your profile by adding as many designs as you want, and add tags for better visibility!

How does promoterGO work?

We at promoterGO did all the hard work so you can sit back, relax, and wait for the event designs OR the opportunity to design to come to you!

PROMOTERS: Log in, launch a promotion (filling out all the juicy details you want included in your flyer, etc), and watch our designers work their skill and magic.

DESIGNERS: Log in, make sure your notifications are set to “Yes,” and keep a keen eye on your email inbox (you might want to remove notification@promotergo.com from your spam/junk list). Once you’re in, get to work on putting your portfolio together. Gather all your event designs and upload them here!

Event promoters all around the world are looking for graphic designers to get their design out there. promoterGO makes it happen.

Why aren’t my designs or brief displaying?

We’re all adults here. We like creativity. We don’t mind a little controversy. We don’t like lawsuits. If you upload anything that incites violence or hate, shows body parts inappropriately, or really just doesn’t belong here for aesthetic reasons, our administrative staff will deal with it.

Remember, we focus on EVENTS, so your flyers and posters need to relate to something promoters and event professionals want to see. Logos will be acceptable, but graphic design that is unrelated to event promotion will be disapproved.

As well, for your safety and the security of your payments, we will reject any posts that display personal contact information.

You are always welcome to argue your point with us…we welcome discussion.

Why is promoterGO better than the alternatives?

This is a tough one, as there really are no alternatives. That being said, promoterGO offers designers a continuous source of income, and gives event promoters the opportunity to choose exactly the design they want, when they want it. Our niche audience guarantees that like-minded individuals are always in contact and interacting with one another.

What types of designs can be done through promoterGO?

We offer promoters the chance to publicize their events through traditional print flyers, as well as web flyers, business cards, and even custom designs.

For promoters or promotion companies simply looking for logos, our expert GoDesigners can come up with a vector design in a flash! (Psst: if you know someone who needs a logo and is NOT a promoter, they are free to use our site, as well)

What kind of promotions can I publish?

If you are an event promoter, then you can launch and publish any promotion you feel like bringing the crowds out for. While most event designs circle around music, nightclubs, and dancing, you might want to have a comedy night or a boxing event. Who knows? Maybe you can even employ a goDesigner for your next house party!

Can I block another user?

If there is a promoter or a designer on this site who is harassing, offending, disturbing, or abusing you in any way, let us know immediately. We will review your issues on a case-by-case basis.

We currently do not have a function that allows for users to block each other, but we do care about your safety and want your promoterGO experience to be free of any torment or intimidation. And, while the best cure for cyberbullying is to turn off your computer, we want to keep you with us…and we only exist on your electronic devices!

Our Terms and Conditions page outlines what we think is a common sense approach to using our site. Any breach of the Terms is grounds for account deactivation.

Why haven’t I received any feedback from the promoter?

Our Promoters are busy people. They have A LOT to get sorted before the event goes live. One of the reasons they’ve chosen this site is that we take the busywork out of the flyer design. That being said, a lot of them don’t have the time to give feedback to everyone who submits  design.

Sometimes they will choose the first one that comes in. Sometimes they’ll choose the first one that catches their eye. A lot of the time, they make a decision and then start giving the suggestions to alter the design.  You can always try to get in touch with them through the discussion board, but we can never guarantee they will get back to you. We encourage all of our promoters to give feedback, but making the horses drink can sometimes be futile.

 Why don’t I see my question here?

This list, as with most FAQ lists, is an ever-growing monster. This site, as with most website applications, is also constantly evolving to best serve promoters and designers from all over the world. The promoterGO crew is here to help, and we will step in where and when we can. If you see any issues with our site, or have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience, feel free to contact us at feedback@promotergo.com and wait (patiently, but not too long) for a reply.


For Promoters

What are the different stages of a promotion design project?

When you publish your promotion, there will be a few stages (or statuses) you will see on your landing page.

Draft: Before you launch the promotion, and while you’re still ironing out the details. You will be able to see the promotion, but the GoDesigners (and other promoters) won’t have access to it at all.

Published: After you hit “Pay and Launch” and finalize your payment through PayPal or your credit card, your promotion will appear on the landing page for all to see. Our GoDesigners will also receive an email telling them that you are ready to receive designs, and they will be jumping at the chance to get their work to you.

Design Selected: After you have chosen the event design that you feel best suits your vision, this status tells everyone else that you are going to be working directly with the designer until the end of your promotion. This is probably the best time to ask the GoDesigner to make changes.

Paidout: This means that you have released the payment to promoterGO, and we are working to get the money into the designer’s hands. At this point, you should have finalized and approved your source files, and the promotion is essentially closed.

How do I delete a promotion?

If you are unhappy with your promotion details, simply click on your promotion on the landing page and click on that trash can icon at the top of the promotion. It’s the 4th one in that orange bar at the top.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After your event is “Published” it cannot be deleted. You are only able to delete Draft Promotions.

Do I get to choose my GoDesigners?

The most dynamic aspect of promoterGO is that you don’t HAVE TO choose any of your designers. They come straight to you! You will be choosing the designer who will create your flyer based on the work you see. If you want to choose a specific designer, however, there’s nothing wrong with asking you designer friends to join our site!

How much time do designers have to submit their designs?

GoDesigners have 2, 3, 5, 10, or 15 days to get their designs to you. It really is up to you and your needs. We do suggest leaving some time between the design selection and the event date in case there’s a little fine tuning to be done. The default is 2 days, after which no more designs will be accepted.

How much does it cost?

Our price structure is competitive and fair for both you and the GoDesigner. Your investment gains value with every additional product, as well…not to mention discount codes and designer bonuses. When you combine all those factors, you can see why we can’t give exact number. But once you log in and put your promotion up, you will see that we are who you should be sticking with for ALL your event design cravings.

What if there is a design element that I need to include in my promotion?

promoterGO solved that issue early on with the “Attachments” button. If there is something you want to have on your flyer (a logo, a map, a picture of the outside of the club, an old flyer), simply click the Attachments button and upload at will. Be sure to include a description so the designer knows what/where/how to include your particular design element.

How do I get more designers to submit designs?

To be fair to the designers, that really is up to them. Money talks, though. We have included a box for a bonus that will go directly to the chosen designer after payout (promoterGO gets nothing from the bonus). In a sense, it sweetens the pot a little bit. While we can’t guarantee that more designers will come to you, we can guarantee that your promotion will look a little more attractive to prospective designers.

We also have included options to highlight your promotion and/or make it appear at the top of the page. Selecting those will save you from designers scrolling through pages to find your event.

Can designers see each other’s work?

Unless they are working together, which is highly unlikely, GoDesigners will only be showing their work to you. The reasons for this are obvious: You don’t want 27 of the same design, and this creates a whole lot more variation in finding the right fit for your event. NOTE: GoDesigners can submit more than one design to your promotion. In this case, they will be able to see only their own other submissions.

Can individual designers submit more than one design per project?

There is no limit to our GoDesigners’ creativity, and as such, they are allowed to submit multiple designs for the same project. Chances are slim that they would do so, because there can only be one event design selected, and if their initial design is to your liking you can work with them to change it around.

Do I have to eliminate designs that I don’t like?

You don’t have to do anything except choose the eventual winner. You can choose to eliminate a design from your promotion, and promoterGO recommends doing so if a GoDesigner sends more than one design for your event…it just keeps things organized a little better.

To eliminate a design, simply click on the submission, and you will see a link that says “Eliminate the design.” One click, then a confirmation, and you’re good. We included a little message box as well, in case you wanted to let the GoDesigner know why the design was eliminated.

What if I don’t like any of the submitted designs?

You will have an international army of GoDesigners working hard to get you the event design you want. Chances are that there will be a vast catalog of design options. You are also able to request (minor or major) changes to designs BEFORE selecting someone. With all that happening, we are confident that you’ll like at least something.

That said, your creative vision might not mesh with their design work, in which case you will get a refund (minus any of our administrative fees).

How do I choose the design that I want?

Hopefully you will be spoiled by choice. Go through all of the submissions using your eagle eyes. When you find the one that suits your vision the best, simply click on the green button that says “Select Winning Design” and you’re done! After that, no other designs will come in, so you can work directly with your GoDesigner to bring your idea to life.

The design that I want isn’t perfect…can I request revisions?

Of course you can! We wouldn’t want you settling for anything less than the best. The promoterGO graphical feedback tool allows you to point out flaws and imperfections with ease. You can also type directly onto the design (just make sure the colour is easy for the designer to see), and there is a comment box at the bottom if you need to include more specific instructions. The best part? You can do this before or after you’ve selected the winning design.

How do I pay the GoDesigner?

As the event organizer, you have a lot on your plate. We simplify the process through having us handle all the payment stuff. Through your PayPal or credit card, you send us the payment, and we make sure your GoDesigner gets the cash for a job well done.

Can promoterGO guarantee that I will always work with the same designer?

Nothing in life is really guaranteed, but if you find a GoDesigner and flyer design that you love, you will have no problem in getting your GoDesigner back. They are on this site for the same reason you are…consistency. If you have someone you enjoy working with, they will get to see your future promotions, and the turnaround will continue to get faster and faster. Stay tuned…one of our upcoming updates will allow you to have “Favourite” designers.

Do you guys print, as well?

At the moment, we are the go-between for event promoters and custom event designs. We do not handle printing…yet. As we grow, we will be adding print shops recommended by users and the general public. Further steps will even include the option to send the design directly from here to the print shop, and have them mail you! Of course, this will only happen if you continue to keep us on your radar.



For Designers

How Do I get started?

The fact that you’re here means you have already started. By clicking on “I need an account” (under “Login/Signup”), you will be taken to the signup page. Make sure you select that you are a designer, and then give us a username, your email address, and a secure password (well, don’t give THAT to us), and you will be all set to GO. Any time a promoter launches an event or needs a logo, you will get a notification from us, and you can send as many designs for as many promotions as you want.

What kinds of Designs should I be sending in?

At promoterGO, our focus is on event designs. You’ll be designing flyers for some of the wildest parties in North America, the UK, Europe, and more. Of course, events aren’t limited to just parties. Promoters can launch any event, from boxing matches to comedy shows, trade gatherings to non-violent protests. Your creativity and their money will combine to make the ultimate flyer.

In addition to event designs, vector logos make up a large part of our promotions. You might get a notification about a certain promoter (or promotion company) needing to make their image “pop.” Design a logo for them, and watch that cash come in.

How long do I have to submit designs?

When our promoters publish their brief, they set the deadline at 2, 3, 5, 10, or 15 days. That being said, the deadline could be much earlier than what’s posted… Once the promoter selects an event design, no other submissions can be made.

Where and How do I submit my designs?

Whether you’re on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, we’ve made uploading your event design a quick and simple process…

  1. Once you’ve finished and saved your flyer to your device, find the promotion you want to submit to.
  2. You’ll be sent to the Brief Page, where — across the top on your laptop/tablet screen, scroll down on your mobile — you’ll see a tab that says “Submit” (3rd from the right). Click (or tap) on that and you’ll see a button that says “Upload File.” There maybe be numbers attached, but that’s only if the promoter wants multiple products.
  3. Click/Tap on the “Upload File” button and select your design from wherever you’d saved it. That’s it!

Why isn’t my design uploading?

Have you tried turning off your computer and turning it back on again? Aside from the promoters having already selected a design for their event, there should be no issue with as long as you stay within the file limit of 25MB. If you see a trophy icon next to the event, the promotion is closed for submissions. If you are still having issues, feel free to send a screenshot to feedback@promotergo.com and we will examine it.


How do I get paid?

Our payments get processed through PayPal. We’ve chosen PayPal because of the fact that it is available almost everywhere, and it is easy to use. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we strongly recommend you setting one up…if not only for us, but for almost anything you might do in the future! In the future, we will be adding more options and will always keep you informed of any changes.


How  much   do I get paid?

We were waiting for you to ask that. After your design gets selected, you’ve tinkered with the design here and there, and the promoter releases the payment, you will get your money. How much exactly? That depends on what the promoter is looking for. We can guarantee competitive, fair prices, paid in either Canadian or US dollars. Promoters also have the option of offering a bonus that goes directly to you, leaving the crew at promoterGO headquarters jealous.

Every time a promotion is launched, you will get an email outlining how much will go into your pocket, purse, wallet, money clip, or under your mattress. You will get this amount, minus administrative and processing fees. The payout information will be on our Twitter page, which would be a good idea to follow.


How long does it take to get paid?

There’s the quicker and more expensive way, and the slower and cheaper way:

If you have a PayPal account and decide to get your payments that way, there is usually around a 10 business day wait from when the payment is released. You won’t have to pay any extra in admin fees using that method.

If you decide to get your cash through Western Union we will send out all the payments on a particular day of the week, depending on how busy we are. This method is much faster (a 24 hour wait), but promoterGO will charge designers the transaction fee from our end.

I want to use a template.

Okay…first, that’s not a question. Second, and most importantly, we never use templates here at promoterGO. That’s what sets us apart from the rest. As a GoDesigner, your designs are going to be original, submitted in approved formats, and of high quality.

What are the approved formats here?

You will always be safe if you use EPS, AI, or PSD. Your preview images will be in JPG format, and in some cases the promoter might not have any Adobe Creative Suite products, so saving a PDF version of your design is highly recommended. Your vectors should be scalable on websites, print flyers, business cards, and even custom designs.

In all cases, you are able to message the promoter for clarification if you’re still confused. We recommend doing that after your design is selected, though.